Monday, March 29, 2010

State Budget Threatens Library Funding - Again

In February, Governor Rendell proposed a 2% cut to the state’s library support for 2011. This cut was passed by the state House of Representatives last week and is now waiting for state Senate action (HB2279).

Meanwhile, the Cumberland County Library System is busier than ever before. More access to libraries is needed — not less.

If you care about funding for public libraries, please contact your state legislator and the Governor. Ask them to:
  1. Restore Library Access with $3 million, including POWER Library (online reference databases) and the Statewide Library Card program. In Cumberland County, library members used 305,002 POWER Library journal and newspaper articles, books and references to answer their questions last year.
  2. Increase general library appropriations 5% to meet growing public demand. Last year, visits to Cumberland County’s libraries increased 5% from 2008 (more than 1.3 million visits) — and computer use increased by 18% (more than 185,000 logins).
For more information and to send an email message to Governor Rendell and your state legislator, you can visit the Pennsylvania Library Association’s Legislative Action Center.

Or, you can use our use our list of
state officials to write your own letter or make a quick telephone call.