Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Couldn't Have Said it Any Better

Much to my surprise and delight, today's Patriot-News published an Op-Ed that was positively brimming with goodwill and praise for the services public libraries in south central Pennsylvania provide each and every day.

Barbara K. Geistwhite, a Bosler Memorial Library patron, said that "America’s continued status as a world leader depends on an educated and free-thinking population. When we can access knowledge, we hold freedom in our hands."

She continued by noting that libraries in Pennsylvania are facing a funding crisis -- "just when we need them the most." Ms. Geistwhite concluded her Op-Ed with:

Yes, funding is tight these days, but that just makes library access all the more important. Those who now can’t afford to buy books or have access to the Internet need free public materials more than ever.

If the state can’t or won’t maintain funding, then we, the people, need to pick up the slack. Now is not the time to cut back on library hours or services.

Those who are well-off can make a conscious decision to channel resources into our libraries.

Those who are less well-off can decide to give up some unneeded pleasure and redirect the money, no matter how small the amount, to their local library.

Those who are not able to spare anything should be the first ones to go to their library and make use of one of the finest sources of free information available.

If you need a job, the library can help you. If you love to read and can’t afford the books, the library wants you to use theirs. If you just need a place to meet other people, visit your branch library.

I want to see this resource around for us and for future generations.

You and me both Barbara!