Thursday, April 1, 2010

Opportunity for All

According to a newly released national study, nearly 1/3rd of Americans age 14 or older used a public library computer or its wireless network to access the Internet last year.

That's a lot of people!

Nationally, it's 77 million people who relied on library technology to find work, apply for college, secure government benefits, learn about critical medical treatments, and connect with their communities. In Cumberland County, we had more than 185,000 people use our computers last year — an increase of 18%.

The study, Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Libraries (PDF) documents what Cumberland County's libraries have been seeing the past several years.

In today's tough economic times, a lot of people are using libraries as their back-up plan when they can't afford the ink to print out their resume, or can't afford the monthly Internet service fees to research a new job or get information on a new prescription drug.

We're glad we can help!