Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cat in the Hat on a Bike

Well, you asked for it, and here they are. Pictures of me as the Cat in the Hat at Simpson's Run for Reading last Saturday, August 13.

It was a really fun morning. I was impressed by the two guys that were running at a 12 mile per hour pace. (Imagine that!).

They, of course, outpaced me on the hills, when I slowed to about 9-10 miles per hour on my bike. They just kept on their steady pace!

Then there were those who chose to run the course with babies in their jogging strollers. I was mightly impressed by them, and by the woman who walked the course and told me that just a month ago, she couldn't have even walked a mile.

That morning she did 3.2 miles! What a feat!

But best of all, I even had a few kids ask to have pictures taken with me...one cute little boy said, "Mom, that's not really the Cat in the Hat is it?"

No, but it's fun to pretend.


This Counselor said...

The Cat in the Hat can really do that! You were great. Our entire family had a fun time. In fact, it was my son who made that comment. My son and daughter had their photo taken with you and called themselves Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thanks for a wonderful event and all the work you do!

Jonelle Darr said...

You're kids were very cute...I'd love to have a copy of that picture!

Vanessa Miller said...

Just found your blog, Jonelle. Loved the pictures that you shared from your ride.

~Vanessa Miller