Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recession Affects Library Use

A national study reporting on the public's use and perceptions about libraries will be released very soon. (Perceptions of Libraries, 2010)

It looks at how the economic recession has changed online habits and how library use has been affected.

Some of the report’s early findings show that:
  • About a third of American families have experienced a negative job impact during the recent recession.
  • The majority of Americans reported reductions in their consumer-buying behaviors, and, as a result, many Americans increased their library use.
  • Economically impacted Americans are 50% more likely to visit the library at least weekly than those unaffected and are 20% more likely to hold a library card.
  • Americans who reported a negative job impact are more likely to use a broader range of library services than those not impacted and find greater value with both the library and the assistance from the librarian.