Thursday, January 20, 2011

Libraries Make an Economic Difference

A new study from The University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government finds that public libraries in Philadelphia make a huge difference.

Just a few interesting nuggets show that in 2010, the library provided a value of:
  • $2.2 million in career development book-reading & lending.

  • $2.1 million in job-finding online activities, including workforce database usage
    and online job searching/prep.

  • $1.7 million job-readiness and workforce-related programming.

  • $2.9 million in business development online and database activities.

  • $819,285 in business development book-reading & lending.

  • $55,385 in business development programming.
Plus, homes within ¼ mile of a Library are worth, on average, $9,630 more than homes more than ¼
mile from a Library.