Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surge in Library Use

We thought we were busier, and we are!

For the past five years or so, the Cumberland County Library System has ranked first among all county library systems in Pennsylvania for the number of books borrowed by person (library circulation per capita).

But, since the economy took a nose dive, we have been even busier. Our first quarter numbers are in, and they show quite an increase:

1st Qtr 2009 1st Qtr 2008 % Change
Library Catalog Search Sessions 3,087,668 1,112,707 177% Increase
People Using Computers 45,867 34,436 33% Increase
Library Card Holders 130,008 98,249 24% Increase
Materials Borrowed 683,817 653,127 5% Increase

Why all this increased demand for the library?

The reasons vary, but most point to tighter family budgets, job seeking, personal skills development, student literacy or a need for inexpensive leisure-time resources.


Richard L. Prether said...

Dear Jonelle,

I didn't think that taking out a few books would make your statistics skyrocket. It shows the need for more monies to be spent on libraries not less. I’m impressed! Won!

In this day and time, increasing catalog searches from one million to three million should be evidence enough to let those persons allocating public monies should give much more consideration to libraries.