Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Library System Announces Closings

Today I had the unfortunate job of announcing reductions in library hours for two libraries - Fredricksen in Camp Hill and New Cumberland. (You can read all about the cuts here: Library System Announces Cuts (PDF, 91KB, 2 pages))

Both of these libraries were facing deficit budgets going into this year, but usually we can make up the difference by the end of the year. This year is very different.

Due to the state budget impasse, we didn't receive a a statewide library card reimbursement payment in August for about $150,000. This meant that Fredricksen didn't receive about about $40,000 and New Cumberland didn't get about $30,000. (These are funds the state pays us for providing library service to people from other counties.)

This is one of the programs that is on the chopping block now, with the current state budget agreement virtually eliminating this funding stream. Thus, we need to start making service changes now.

More cuts are in our future if the current state budget agreement goes through. CCLS stands to lose about $750,000.

If you care about your library services, please consider contacting your state legislator. To send a message to your legislator and the governor, go to the Pennsylvania Library Association's web site: