Monday, June 2, 2008

Stop the Summer Slide!

Many parents don't realize that kids can slide back -- drastically -- over the summer if they are not reading. In fact, studies show that the average student who doesn't read or engage in other learning opportunities can lose as much as 2.5 months of learning over the summer.

To prevent any learning losses, the Institute of Museum and Library Services offers these tips:
  1. Visit your local library and sign up your kids for the Catch the Reading Bug summer reading program.
  2. Read to and with your kids. Be an example to your kids by doing some reading yourself.
  3. Use the library to explore your child’s interests. Ask your librarian how to find books, Web sites and other resources that will help nurture your child’s curiosity.
  4. Plan low-cost, educational field trips to local parks, zoos, and museums.
  5. Check out free programs and day camps at your local library or museum.
Cumberland County's public libraries are offering FREE summer reading programs for kids and teens this year. Check out all the wonderful offerings from your local library. There are prizes, games, programs, contests and BOOKS available from the library.

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youngbon said...

Thanks for the good information about the summer slide! Bonnie Young