Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby's First Cell Phone

During a recent visit with my 10-month-old grand neice Allison, I was fascinated to see that she loves to play with a toy cell phone when she is in her car seat.

She presses the make-believe buttons, it rings and then she jabbers into it — just like her Mommy and Daddy do on their real phones.

Her parents commented that until they gave her the toy cell phone, Allison was always trying to talk on Mom's cell phone, and would (unknowingly) make calls to people. (All the other person would hear was baby talk, or heavy 'baby' breathing!)

So, I was interested to see this article from The New York Times on June 12, 2008 that has some good advice on when to introduce today's technological gadgets to your child. The author's advice is based on Piaget's developmental stages. It's well worth considering.


Christine said...

I'm so glad you found this article, my daughter's been bugging me for a cell phone and I told her she had to wait. This was very helpful.

I work at Columbus Metro Library and we are participating in a Learn & Play program (open to all who are interested) and our assignment next week is to seek out library-related blogs and I found yours. Love the drill team!!

Jonelle Prether Darr said...

I'm glad you found the article helpful. It offers some really good advice.

We are hoping to offer our staff a Web 2.0 training program next year. It's really neat to see how many libraries are making sure that their staff are comfortable with new technologies.

Plus, I'm thrilled that you found my blog...and got a chance to see the drill team! Check in again sometime...