Sunday, May 18, 2008

Libraries-Great Way to Save Cash

With gas prices going up and no end in sight, like you, I'm looking for ways to cut corners and save some money.

I've pretty much given up my Dunkin Donuts coffee on my way into work in the morning...and I'm glad that Giant has a gas points reward program that makes my fill-ups a little less painful.

Libraries are another way we all can save money:

  1. Don't Buy It, Borrow It -- Instead of buying that bestseller, or the latest issue of magazines you enjoy, borrow them FREE from the library.
  2. Make your Money Grow -- From books on how to save money around the house, to materials on personal finance or databases like Morningstar for better investing, the library can show you the way to greater riches...all for FREE.
  3. Plant Your Own Vegetables -- Learn how to plant the best vegetable garden around by using the library's FREE books and magazines, and attending the library's FREE programs offered by the Master Gardeners at Fredricksen Library
  4. Stop Calling the Handyman -- Instead of calling the handyman, consider learning how to stop your leaking faucet or rewiring a lamp by borrowing a FREE book or magazine from the library.
  5. Give up the Gym -- Instead of joining a gym, consider using the library's collection of FREE fitness video recordings.
  6. Give up Satellite Radio -- Instead of subscribing to satellite radio, or downloading music from iTunes, borrow a FREE audiobook from the library.
  7. Get a New Job -- Use the libraries collection of FREE resume and career guidance books to chart a new path in life.
  8. Give up NetFlix -- Instead of renting dvd's, consider borrowing them for FREE from the library.