Friday, February 1, 2008

Are We Ready for E-Books?

In November 2007, Amazon released its new e-reader Kindle.

Costing about $400, Kindle is a portable reading device that can wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. It uses e-ink technology that its creators say is as crisp and clear as your daily newspaper. What's more, most of the books that you can download cost only $9.99. You can even subscribe to newspapers from around the world. (The New York Times is available for $13.99 a month).

Kindle has been getting pretty good reviews in the news media and by technology buffs alike. And, I have to say that I've been tempted to try it out.

Now, I may be even more tempted. I've long been a fan of audio books, always having one from the library in my car's cassette or CD player.

Yesterday, Amazon announced that it is buying, the Web's biggest publishers of downloadable audio books. The New York Times has even suggested that Amazon's new acquisition may provide even more seamless technology that would allow you to switch from reading to listening or vice versa.

How cool is that?